Promoting the preservation of Mid Century Modern residential architecture in St. Louis through education, appreciation and awareness.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spreading The Word

We have plans in the month of June to distribute an informational flier to all of our Ridgewood neighbors (see a preview of the flier below). It will serve as a point of contact for anyone who may not already be familiar with the blog, in hopes of gaining more neighborhood information. In addition, we hope to meet some new faces while spreading info on neighborhood appreciation and preservation.

We hope to get a few volunteers to help with our effort. We have set up an official Ridgewood email, and sending a message to this address will add you to our contact list. For any neighbors who have previously commented on the blog, we encourage you to send an email as well.

Once we begin to receive emails from those interested, we will plan a time to meet prior to the day fliers are distributed. This will give us a chance to share information and finalize our preparations. We hope to hear from you!


Swanky K said...

Hey There. We were passing by the neighborhood last week and saw that there was an open house in the neighborhood and had to check it out. It was a cute little 3 bedroom, but we were hoping to see one like you have featured that preserved the mid-century look and feel. I hope that there are others like you in your neighborhood that are inspired now that you have put the word out about the history of these homes and their cool design features. Good luck with your blog and I hope it grows for you. It's really a great tribute and information sight about these homes and homes like them. Keep up the good work!

Zachary Rizzuto said...

I have learnt various good stuff right here, and I’m sure everyone will get advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

Some past owner removed shelf divider between dining room and kitchen and the built in table. Otherwise suding is only difference.