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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Advertising With Ridgewood

During the mid century building boom, a variety of new innovations in home design and construction were introduced. Manufacturers were quick to realize the potential of promoting their products to both the builders and buyers of modern homes. In return, many of the architects and home builders of the period were featured in advertisements, highlighting not only thier new ideas in home building, but also the new products that were making them possible. Ridgewood homes were no exception to this, and advertising some of Ridgewood's new modern features became a great way to promote their appeal.

Alwintite aluminum window ad features a Ridgewood home at center
with comment by Burton Duenke.

Monsanto Laux Rez ad features Ridgewood homes and
describes original exterior stain colors

National Homes Week ad features a Ridgewood home (on right) built in
Milwaukee, and awarded Contemporary Division Winner

GE low voltage lighting system ad features comment by Burton Duenke
and shows Ridgewood during construction in upper left of right side page

Cover of General Electric Remote Control manual.

The use of new technology, like the GE low voltage remote control lighting system
used in Ridgewood homes was a great way for builders to showcase new
ideas in home building. It also provided a means of advertising newly built
homes by attaching a trusted name brand to it's new modern features.


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